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We have been using Webwatcher as our Computer Monitoring Software for watching our kids online. It gives us peace of mind when they go online to surf the web. Webwatcher has allowed us to monitor our kids activities from work or anywhere we choose.

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Internet Stalkers and Cyber-bullies
Continue to Harass Internet Users

We've become so accustomed to horror tales of online predators prowling social networking sites that another growing problem has failed to receive the attention it deserves: the Internet stalker and/or cyber bully.

Internet stalkers can be almost anyone, but usually they target women. Social networking sites that promote online dating services are struggling to protect their users - like Myspace with kids -- from Internet stalkers fueled by jealousy, obsession, or plain envy. An Internet stalker can target his or her victim with everything from identity theft, to constant spamming, and more. One stalker actually created a false dating profile for the woman who had spurned him, and used it to send strangers to her home.

Did you know:

An Internet stalker can target his or her victim with everything from identity theft, to constant spamming?
And as is the case in real life, a large percentage of Internet stalkers make the jump to real physical harm, which is why it's important to stop a stalker as soon as possible.

The cyber bully is very similar to the Internet stalker, but with a few key differences; your average cyber bully is young, often a kid, and immature. Social networking sites are therefore popular with the cyber bully, who picks on his or her target in much the same way children do at school. A cyber bully will employ verbal attacks, mean practical jokes, etc. One case involved school girls who had taken photos of another student in the locker room, and then posted such photos to their webpages. Clearly humiliation and general mean-spiritedness are the main weapon of the cyber bully, and more and more the Internet is becoming the best way to achieve their goal.

So how to stop the Internet stalker and cyber bully?

With WebWatcher.

WebWatcher implements website recording, email recording, and chat recording software, so anyone who is being victimized online can record the proof that authorities will need.

Every day new laws are born to punish those who use the Internet to harm others; with WebWatcher, those who do the victimizing will be forced to confront those laws and pay for what they've done.

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