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We have been using Webwatcher as our Computer Monitoring Software for watching our kids online. It gives us peace of mind when they go online to surf the web. Webwatcher has allowed us to monitor our kids activities from work or anywhere we choose.

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Content Filtering

WebWatcher provides effective content filtering for employees. See how businesses can increase productivity & protect trade secrets.

WebWatcher Employee Content Filtering
Good supervision in the workplace begins with making sure employees stay on task. Monitoring Internet access and using content filtering software is part of that.

With WebWatcher, employers and administrators can set custom content filtering policies to manage employee Internet use to help balance work-related and personal Internet use. Whether it's keeping an eye on fairly innocent things like shopping, reading news, or banking online or preventing more serious offenses like gambling, viewing adult content, or applying for another job on your time, good corporate policy backed by content filtering software like WebWatcher is the ONLY answer to all these problems.

WebWatcher proprietary website blocking technology actually scans webpage content on-the-fly in order to block websites. This means WebWatcher employee monitoring software can block brand new websites that other list-based content filtering applications miss. WebWatcher content filter can also block websites by website address so nothing will be missed!

WebWatcher content filtering technology also saves you time by organizing your data. WebWatcher can sort through all your recorded information and find any files that contain words you feel are important. This brings important items immediately to your attention, and saves you the time of searching through all your data. With Keywords Alerts, WebWatcher automatically filters through everything on an employee's computer to locate what you've deemed important, as it's happening in real-time.*

WebWatcher Content Filter notifies Employers of:

Questionable Emails: Any email that employees send containing proprietary company secrets

Unwanted Websites: Any web pages visited by employees that contain the word "sex" "dating" or "resume" (or any Keyword Alerts you choose)

Inappropriate IMs & Chats: Any IM conversations employees and customers have that contain "discount" or "stock" (or any Keyword Alerts you choose)

WebWatcher puts you in control of employee Internet use (even blocking websites on-the-fly, if you so choose). With our proprietary Keyword Alerts, WebWatcher will zero-in on exactly those things that you want to be notified of without taking your attention away from the most important thing at hand: running your business.

Putting employee content filtering in place just makes sense.

Some monitoring programs may take screenshots, and others may have an alert word function, but only WebWatcher combines the two. Not only do you get the information you need, but you can access it with just a few clicks.

* Please note, time delays may vary based on the Internet connection speed of the computer being monitored.

See how WebWatcher's Content Filtering works in our free online Test Drive - Click Below

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