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WebWatcher Monitoring Software redefines Spy Software...

WebWatcher is the best computer monitoring software because it lets you remotely:

Read every email they send or receive
See every Instant Message or Chat they participate in (both sides of the conversation)
See every webpage they visit and how long they stay there
Block access to inappropriate websites (WebWatcher has the best block list in the world - guaranteed)
Capture every single keystroke they type (including passwords & usernames)
Limit access to what software programs can be used (block programs & set schedules for use)
Take Screenshots of their computer screen - allowing you to see everything they do including graphics and video
Monitor and control Laptops no matter where they go! WebWatcher is the ONLY software that can be used to remotely monitor and control all laptop activity no matter where in the world it travels. That's why it's being used by law enforcement agencies everywhere.
Monitor as many computers as you need to. Some companies and government agencies use WebWatcher to monitor thousands of PCs.
Be notified when "alert words" you choose are used in any communications

Unparalleled Invisibility Technology
WebWatcher doesn't appear ANYWHERE. No one will ever know it's there.

Our invisibility module was developed by former National Security Agency programmers. It's unlike anything else on the market. Our computer monitoring software doesn't appear in the Registry, the Process List, the System Tray, the Task Manager, on the Desktop, or in Add/Remove Programs. There aren't even visible files that can be seen.

"WebWatcher It's not just a product, it's a total solution. WebWatcher begins working IMMEDIATELY, and absolutely invisibly - Bypassing my antivirus and all my firewalls! This is truly a best-in-class product."
Adam Greenfield
Houston, TX

WebWatcher is used by Law Enforcement agencies across the country
"WebWatcher has quickly become one of our most valuable tools in the field. Now that there is so much activity taking place online, we have a whole department actively scouring the Internet. WebWatcher is a major part of our strategy."

Dep. Anthony Lucerne
Police Officer

WebWatcher is unequaled
But don't take our word for it - dozens of third party sources agree. WebWatcher is the best computer monitoring software available, offering features no one else does and the type of quality and ease-of-use that comes with years of fine-tuning. Whether you're a computer expert or just sitting at a computer for the first time, you'll be able to use WebWatcher immediately, without ever needing to read a manual.
Here are just a few of the awards that WebWatcher's keystroke logging software has won:
Well Researched Reviews
"The best monitoring and filtering software available. Nothing else even comes close. It allows you to monitor a computer from the web so that you donít have to keep checking from the computer you're monitoring."
Monitoring Software Reviews Graphic
"As the only truly web-based computer activity / Internet monitor, WebWatcher is in a league of its own. With a complete suite of powerful features included, WebWatcher has the rare ability of both effective monitoring and web site blocking."
Anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewalls can't stop it
WebWatcher computer monitoring software has a unique defense system that scans the PCs you'll be monitoring before installation to ensure that nothing will disrupt it.
"When I first bought WebWatcher, I thought for sure it would get detected by some anti-virus program and be a total waste of money, because that's exactly what happened when I tried [WebWatcher competitor]. But I've been using WebWatcher for a few months now and it's lived up to every promise and it's totally hidden."
Kimberly Orting
Ft. Wayne, IN
"I'm monitoring six computers with WebWatcher (2 of which are laptops) and it's freaky. As you promised on the phone, it really is like standing over their shoulder. Guys, seriously, I couldn't be happier. Thanks."
Brian K.
The WebWatcher computer monitoring software covers ALL of the bases. It lets you:
Monitor multiple computers from any location
WebWatcher is the ONLY Computer Monitoring software that lets you monitor as many computers as you want. All other programs are meant to monitor a single computer and despite what they may claim, cannot intelligibly record data from more than one computer. With WebWatcher, you can see computer activity from multiple computers as it happens or look back through all of the recorded data.
24/7 Customer Support
Call us, live chat with us, or email us. We're easy to reach, and always eager to help. Have a question? Type it in the chat box in the upper right to chat with a WebWatcher specialist now.
It's easy to install & use
WebWatcher is extremely powerful and easy to use. Begin using immediately, without having to read a manual.
Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money Back
WebWatcher is the best computer monitoring software available today. If you're not 100% satisfied, we'll issue you a full refund!*
Award-Winning blocking capabilities
WebWatcher's advanced blocking capabilities are unmatched. You can easily control Internet access with a few simple clicks. Block by website category (pornography, gambling, shopping, etc.) or only allow access to the specific websites you choose. Virtually unlimited flexibility allows WebWatcher to keep the bad stuff out without being too restrictive like other blocking software.

* No hassle policy. You have five days from the time of purchase to request a refund.

**All names have been changed to protect customer privacy.

Get real-life examples of how customers used our software to:
Stop an Internet Predator from harming a child
Learn the truth about an affair
Stop drug abuse
See what employees are really doing at work and MUCH MORE...
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