Awareness enables organizations and families to be productive and safe. We help business leaders and parents understand digital consumption and we provide the tools to empower them to make the right decisions. We created this category over twenty years ago, and remain the leader in collecting and analyzing digital user behavior and engagement, we provide user and entity behavioral analytics (UEBA) to inform decision making.



Quality time

Screen Time gives parents the visibility and control they need to manage their children’s digital worlds as they manage their physical worlds. Simple monitoring and management tools enable parents to have proactive discussions about digital usage, and to manage to rules.



Safety first

Webwatcher is a critical tool for parents, providing transparency into their child’s online activity. Whether the child is behind closed doors or at a friend’s house, parents can view alerts on risky behavior or view fully recorded activity if needed. Web Watcher’s insights allow families to have honest and productive conversations, and demonstrate responsible parental leadership with digital time spent.



Confident oversight

Interguard gives employers insight into employee activity on company devices – even when employees work from home. Alerts and data views highlight each user’s productivity, adherence to compliance processes, and allows business leaders to react immediately to inappropriate activity



Veriato created this category and continues to offer gold-standard employee monitoring and insider threat detection to enterprise organizations around the world. Veriato provides actionable information from risk scoring to anomalies all based on metadata. When necessary, we enable organizations to unlock detailed data and digital consumption evidence with video capture for investigation.

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