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We have been using Webwatcher as our Computer Monitoring Software for watching our kids online. It gives us peace of mind when they go online to surf the web. Webwatcher has allowed us to monitor our kids activities from work or anywhere we choose.

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Wendy Callsion

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Computer Monitoring Software

About Awareness Technologies

The Awareness Technologies team has been in the Software Development arena since 1996.

Awareness Technologies
Awareness Technologies is leading the way in providing businesspeople all over the world with the tools they need to actually see what's happening in their companies. The Internet has introduced a whole host of threats to modern day businesses and WebWatcher addresses them. Whether it's increasing productivity by eliminating time-wasting websurfing and instant message conversations or reducing the threat of employee lawsuits or theft of intellectual property, WebWatcher is the only choice.

Awareness Technologies has developed the only monitoring solution that allows business to see every bit of communication that happens on every computer in the organization including screenshots and all keystrokes typed.

When it's time for company leadership to take the blindfold off and really see what's going on in their businesses, WebWatcher is where they turn.

With headquarters in Los Angeles, Awareness Technologies has helped companies in every corner of the globe to run their businesses more efficiently and with more foresight than ever before.